Monday, April 6, 2015

Essential Oils

As most of you know, I love to share tips, ideas, and suggestions for improving health.  One of my most recent discoveries has been essential oils.  I had been exposed to them years ago in the first practice I was a part of, but never did a lot with them.  Over the last year there has been a major movement toward utilizing essential oils for a variety of uses.  It peaked my interest again, and so I started doing some homework.

Most essential oils have many benefits.  They range from helping with mood, hyperactivity, and anxiety, to skin disorders, wrinkles, illness, and disease.  Applications of the oils can be aromatic, topical and ingested.

Like many natural products, you get what you pay for.  The process by which the oils are extracted makes a difference in the purity.  The cheaper the oil is to purchase, the more of it you will have to use to get the desired effect.  

I am hosting an oil 101 class that I would love for any of you interested in finding out more about the benefits of these natural products to attend.  The class will be at our office, at 10am, on April 11th.  Space will be limited for this class, so it is important to email me asap to reserve your spot.  This invite is also extended to anyone you may know that would be interested in learning more about these oils.  

Bring a guest and you will be entered to win a $50 oil gift package!  Please let us know that you'll be bringing a guest in your email.

Can't attend on the 11th?  There will be a class in May, so email to confirm your spot for that class (date is TBD).  

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Considered the Swiss Army knife of oils because of it's wide array of uses.

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